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Maximize your earnings through Connections!
Invite new players to join by scanning your unique QR code. One they register, you’ll be recognized as their official referrer.

As a referrer, you’ll benefit in two major ways:
1) Rebate: Enjoy rebate during gameplay based on your turnover.
2) Commission: Earn the commission of your downline player’s turnover. The moreplayers you bring in, the higher your earnings!

The rebate and commission will be release daily in your main wallet not later than 3pm.

Commission Rate Overview
Refer to the chart below for detailed rates:
Referral Program Chart
Tier 1 = 0.2%
Tier 2 = 0.1%
I Refer A as my downline, this is Tier 1, A play at K28 and collected daily turnover 100,000.
I get commission 100,000 X 0.2% = 200pesos

A refer B as his downline, this is my Tier 2, B play at K28 and collected daily turnover 50,000.
I get commission 50,000 x 0.1% = 50pesos
A get commission 50,000 x 0.2%= 300pesos

Total daily commission I received: 200 + 50 = 250 pesos
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