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K28 VIP Club
K28 VIP club is an exclusive membership program designed to reward loyal and high stakes players. Member can often enjoy a range of premium benefits, these perks included daily cashback, VIP bonus, exclusive events and more! K28 VIP club aimed to provide enhanced gaming experience for members by recognizing the commitment and value to K28.

Upgrade condition for each level:
VIP - Bronze Bronze
Monthly Number of deposit 1
Upgrade Bonus 58
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 3000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 15000
VIP - Silver Silver
Monthly Number of deposit 2
Upgrade Bonus 88
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 10000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 50000
VIP - Gold Gold
Monthly Number of deposit 5
Upgrade Bonus 188
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 50000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 200000
VIP - Platinum Platinum
Monthly Number of deposit 15
Upgrade Bonus 288
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 100000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 400000
VIP - Emerald Emerald
Monthly Number of deposit 50
Upgrade Bonus 588
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 500000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 1500000
VIP - Ruby Ruby
Monthly Number of deposit 50
Upgrade Bonus 1288
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 1000000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 3000000
VIP - Diamond Diamond
Monthly Number of deposit 50
Upgrade Bonus 5888
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 5000000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 15000000
VIP - Blue Diamond Blue Diamond
Monthly Number of deposit 50
Upgrade Bonus 8888
Monthly Total Deposit Amount 10000000
Monthly Total Bet Amount 30000000
Daily Cashback for each game category
VIP - Bronze VIP - Silver VIP - Gold VIP - Platinum VIP - Emerald VIP - Ruby VIP - Diamond VIP - Blue Diamond
VIP Levels Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Emerald Ruby Diamond Blue Diamond
Slot & Games 0.30% 0.30% 0.35% 0.35% 0.40% 0.40% 0.45% 0.50%
Sportbook 0.30% 0.30% 0.35% 0.35% 0.40% 0.40% 0.45% 0.50%
Live Casino 0.50% 0.55% 0.60% 0.65% 0.70% 0.75% 0.75% 0.80%
Terms & Conditions
  • Turnover will be calculate based on monthly, 1st until 31st of the month.
  • Multiple level upgrade is allowed when the total turnover is above 500k and their levels will be reset each month to previous level if didn’t meet the turnover required; membership upgrade reward is applicable to the level achieved only.
  • Members with VIP level statuses are entitled to receive daily cashback. The cashback will be credit into wallet, and no turnover required.
  • The daily cashback may not be claimed in conjunction with any other promotions currently offered by K28Casino and is subject to ongoing review. k28Casino has the right to change the promotion and its terms at any time.
  • Membership upgrade reward is available to claim after 5th of the month. Members can apply from CS while achieving a minimum maintaining deposit amount.
  • Upgrade bonus will be reward only once a month and no turnover required. Members that downgraded will not entitle for this membership upgrade reward.
  • The highest level bonus you obtained in the current month is determined by total turnover you’ve made in the previous month.
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